Hi, I’m Morgan.

At the start of 2019, I found myself at the edge of the earth. Literally.  

Enveloped by a powerful wind and crashing waves beneath me, I faced a view that can be described as nothing but “breathtaking.” The Indian Ocean to my left and the Atlantic to my right, the sheer cliff below seemed to beckon me closer and closer as all the thoughts, hopes, worries, and anxieties I carried just moments before gradually fell away. 

What I experienced was nothing unique to South Africa’s infamous Cape of Good Hope. In fact, you’ve likely experienced the same feeling in nature, in the resonating beat of the music at a concert, in the richness of deep conversation, in the vulnerability of a church pew. It’s the irreplaceable feeling of being part of something bigger. Even more specifically, it’s the freeing realization of our own minuteness, the smallness of our own thinking, and the fleeting nature of our lives.


As I stood there at the edge, I couldn’t help but consider “if I stepped off the cliff right now, what would I leave behind?” I did not think of the followers on Instagram who’d be wondering where my posts went. I did not think of the scholarship I have lined up for school after my gap year. I did not think of the clothes I could have worn, the 9 to 5’s I could have put in, the coffee dates I could have gone to, or the parties I’d miss out on.


I thought about my parents, my brother, friends, mentors, people I’ve never met before, dreams I’ve never dreamt before, lives I’ve never touched before and maybe should have, and some impact I’m barely beginning to taste that just might have a lasting impact beyond the brevity of my own life.


But I’m still here. I refuse to believe life is meaningless and by that logic, I must still have things to do, I must still have a purpose to realize. If you’re alive and breathing (which you must be since you’ve read this far!), I can promise that you do too.


What could you do if you decided to change what you pursue in this life? What would happen if you stopped caring so much about what others think? What would happen if you said “yes” to the things that scare you, knowing they’d challenge you to become better in service of others? What would happen if you stopped shying away from the big ideas and dreams on your heart because you’re “too young,” “too old,” “too inexperienced,” “too ambitious,” “too different”? What would happen if you stopped thinking you could do it on your own and had the boldness to turn to the universe, to God, to your community for support, guidance, and strength?


What would happen if you stopped apologizing for who you are? Maybe, just maybe, you’d inspire others to step into who they truly are as well. And what a beautiful world that would be.


You and I? We may have nothing in common. But what we do share is this one life. If you care to make the most of it, you’ve likely already asked yourself questions like “why am I here?” “what’s my purpose?” and “who am I?” I’m no one to give you those answers, but I’m intent on making this a safe place to explore those questions and much more. Here, you’ll find inspiration, guidance, food for thought (and food recipes!), encouragement, and sustenance as you pursue a life many are too afraid to imagine.


You have a purpose. It’s time to live it. This is The True Pursuit.