Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses large and small through the implementation of affordable, performant, and sustainable blockchain services.

We don’t use the word “sustainable” lightly.

With extensive experience in business management and entrepreneurship, our developers bring forth innovative software solutions that eliminate the unpredictable cost, lengthy wait times, and confusion surrounding crypto-currencies oftentimes associated with blockchain. Instead, we choose to use the best that distributed ledger technology has to offer to solve real-world problems. Let’s look at some examples.

Whether you’re looking to certify financial data with blockchain smart contracts, create private cloud networks, stream and encrypt files at high volume, track daily business operations, or form immutable audit trails of complex supply chains, the possibilities are endless. Trust us to take the complexity out of blockchain to bring forth its greatest benefits: immutability, security, traceability.

Looking to see how our public and private blockchain systems are revolutionizing day-to-day business operations in real-time? Discover Arene, our commercialized SaaS platform hosted in the cloud bringing blockchain solutions to the accounting industry. By leveraging innovative software solutions, we deliver fully automated accounting analytics, workspace collaboration tracked fully with smart contract technology, blockchain-certified financial statements that can be verified and audited with both public and private blockchain in a matter of seconds, and much more. The best part? Our customers get it all at a starting price of just $10 per month with the freedom to network other users into their private resources - files, task lists, accounting analytics, financial statements, and more. Arene is just one example of our ability to meet a diverse array of software needs at minimal cost.

We don’t use the word “sustainable” lightly, and we’re constantly innovating to optimize the speed and performance of our own systems. It’s our privilege to optimize yours. Together, let’s enable the digitization of the future.

Where we’ve been

  • QuickBooks Connect, San Jose (November, 2018)

  • QuickBooks Connect, Melbourne (May, 2019)

  • Blockchain Summit, London (June, 2019)

  • AccountEx, Boston (September, 2019)

Where we’re going

  • QuickBooks Connect, San Jose (November, 2019)